Floppy & Friends

In Celebration of Floppy's Life
May 1999 - December 28, 2011

Name:  Floppy
Born:  May 27, 1999
Place:  Camano Island, WA

  Floppy was born with a condition called "Cerebellar Hypoplasia" which is a congenital birth defect.  What this means is that she couldn't keep her balance on her feet, therefore she fell over onto her side.  She may have taken longer to get to one place or another but managed it.  
  After she was born one of the vets suggested to my mama & papa that they put her to sleep right away.  Boy was she glad they didn't take that suggestion! She took special vitamins in my food to keep me strong & healthy.
  Because of her condition we took her places with them in the car.  She got to go to parades, visit schools, nursing homes & I guess get spoiled because of the way God made her.  Everyone was so touched by her and enjoyed seeing her in her special necklaces and hats. 
  Floppy lived a long and happy 12 1/2 years.  She got cancer earlier in the year and was on different medications.  She was perky and loving right to the very end.  She passed away peacefully between mom & dad Wednesday morning.
  We will never ever forget our Floppy who gave us unconditional love.  She leaves a deep hole in our hearts.  The only saving grace is that we are confident that she will be up in heaven with the angels and God awaiting us (on all four feet) when it is our time to leave this world.
  Thank you Floppy for all the wonderful memories.  We love you forever.

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Christmas Morning

Floppy, friends & family on Christmas Day 2011

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Floppy's Last Christmas

We have had such an overwhelming response to starting a support group with other CH kitties that I would like to share with you a Yahoo Group that is just for cats with disabilities.  This link will take you to those cats that have CH & how they deal with the daily dilemas.
An incredibe site!  This and a few other excellent cat forums are listed on my links page.

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